Life Lessons

In this marvelous section, I will describe to you a Life Lesson that I have learned. These lessons are meant to entertain, educate, and enlighten. I will put forth a great effort to post Life Lessons on a daily basis. Because I know myself so well, I can already tell you that I will probably not be able to put out a Life Lesson every single day. However, I’m feeling optimistic and this seems like a task I can accomplish with ease. Read and enjoy. I know I will.
Life Lesson #1 – July 26, 2011

Life Lesson #2– July 27, 2011

Life Lesson #3– July 30, 2011

Life Lesson #4– July 31, 2011

Life Lesson #5– August 4, 2011

Life Lesson #6– September 6, 2011

Life Lesson #7- September 7, 2011


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