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This Way for Gas, Ladies and Gentlemen

ENGL 205 – Central European Literature

The narrator of the stories collected in This Way for the Gas, Ladies and Gentlemen writes in first person, as an observer and to some extent a participant in what goes on at the concentration camp. His writing is generally unemotional, describing what he saw as a witness. How do we account for the tone with which Borowski tells about these events? Choose one or more sections from this week’s reading to illustrate your ideas.

I think the narrator is so unemotional while retelling his life in the concentration camps because it is too painful to go through the details feeling the emotion. He had to dig out dead bodies, infant corpses, and see people led into the gas chambers on a daily basis. Who wouldn’t want to repress those memories? His unemotional retelling is expected in my mind. He had to experience the worst kind of punishment every single day simply by seeing others die for no reason all the while he could do nothing to help them.

While I do think he is rightfully unemotional in the majority of the story, I feel in certain areas of the stories, he cannot help but let his emotional show through a little bit. For instance, on page 40, the narrator tells about how he had to remove corpses from the trucks. While taking out the dead infants, he hands them to a woman, who is sure to die soon too. This scene essentially drains the life from the narrator as well. His vision even goes blurry as he is trying to finish the task he was commanded to do. It would be unbearable for me to have to endure the feeling of helplessness day after day, while the bodies lined up in front of the gas chambers. I could not imagine peeling corpses off of trucks just to have them refilled the very next day. I do not blame the narrator for being unemotional in his retelling.



So this past week has been extremely busy. I had to write a paper for my crazy environmental English class, which my professor admitted would be the hardest of the entire semester. Thanks for only giving us 9 days to work on it. I had to meet with her on Wednesday, so I decided not to go to work that day. This is literally the first day I’ve taken off since I started. It was kind of nice because I could sleep in a little later. But I had to seriously rush that morning writing my paper.

Luckily, my professor actually thought it was better than my other papers. This was probably because I spent more than ten minutes on it. So I worked on that all morning, left my house at 1:30 because I had a meeting with Doctor J at 2pm.

This may seem reasonable if I lived on campus. However, since I live a good 35 minutes away, this was a problem. I have become accustomed to speeding on a regular basis while I drive. I drive around 400 miles each week between work, school, and home. So I have gotten used to the fact that I am never on time and will therefore have to speed as soon as my foot lands on the gas pedal.

I met with her and that went fine, I won’t bore you with the particulars. I basically didn’t do anything worth writing that day.

So, Thursday, I had my usual History, Psychology, Public Speaking classes. All of these went fairly well. Again, nothing really worth writing about.

Thursday night was actually pretty interesting. I do not like scary movies, and neither does Katelyn, my best friend, but somehow we agreed to go see Paranormal Activity 2.

So we first planned to eat at Applebee’s at 7, drive around to waste time, then get to the theater at 10:30 or so.

After we ate at Applebee’s, went to Meijer, and were very bored, we thought it would be a good idea to go to the Exit.

The Exit is a restaurant close to the theater. Katelyn got a flat tire earlier that day, so she was driving her step mom’s Durango. This vehicle is around 4 times the size of her little Sunfire.

So Katelyn was driving, I was in the passenger’s seat, and out friend Chelsea was in the backseat. Well, Katelyn ran over a five foot deep pothole and I smacked my head on the window. So, in my dramatic ways, I started yelling about how I got a concussion and I hit my head. I repeated this several times, because I thought it was funny.

Well, all three of us girls were laughing our booties off, and then Chelsea started smacking my seat. So I turned to her saying, “Oh my god, I know! That was frigging hilarious!” As I was saying this, I realized she was motioning to her mouth and throat in an alarming manner.

It struck me then that she was choking. By this time, Katelyn had parked the car. I yelled at her to unlock Chelsea’s door, because the child lock was on, and she couldn’t get out. So I whip off my seat, fling open the door, and run to the other side of the car. I look at Katelyn, and she’s still in her seat, fumbling with her seat belt. I open Chelsea’s door and start smacking her back.

Katelyn is out of the car now, and is asking Chelsea, “Do you need her to do it?!” Chelsea nods, and Katelyn yells at me to do the Heimlich maneuver. So, I start doing to Heimlich to Chelsea until she tells me to stop, then she reaches into her mouth and pulls out this huge chunk of Skittles.

Needless to say, it was quite the entertaining and eventful night.

After that, we continued to embarrass ourselves even more inside the restaurant. And the movie was really freaking scary. I drove home by myself and kept feeling like there was someone else in my car with me. I was traumatized.

But, since I’m at work, I will get back to my job, and will write later. Especially about my weekend, and my Dad’s chicken run. Just wait for that story.

It’s About Time

It’s obviously been quite a while since I’ve last posted something on my blog.

The end of summer rush hit me, and I was very excited to start my first days of college. Then, of course, once I actually started college, I had to juggle school, work, homework, family, and friends. Not in that order, by the way.

College is hard. I’m not sure where Asher Roth went to school, but so far I do not love college. I am struggling to keep up in three of my four classes at the moment.

I have English, History, Psychology, and Public Speaking. The only class that is actually enjoyable so far is Public Speaking.

English is difficult for several reasons. First of all, my teacher is very different than what I had come to know, love, and expect from an English teacher in high school. I loved High School more than anyone else I currently know. I enjoyed going to school with all my friends, knowing all of the teachers, and basically doing the bare minimum to get awesome grades. Now, my english class is really hard. It’s about the environment, clearly not my favorite topic. To be quite frank, I recycle. That is the extent of my care for the environment.

So when I say this class is about the environment, I mean it’s completely focused on the environment, and the environment alone. Each of our papers have to do with the environment. We turn our assignments in online, in order to conserve paper. We have to do volunteer projects that will benefit the environment throughout the semester. Let me tell you, these will never benefit the environment. I’m going to try and sabotage each one I do, just to prove a point.

My history class is incredibly boring, plus I have it at 830 in the morning. Recipe for disaster, if I do say so myself. Plus, that dang class is frigging hard.

I cannot understand my Psychology teacher to save my life. And I fall asleep in there every single day I have that class. 12:30-2:20 is my designated nap time. And having a class during those hours is not helping my grade in there.

The only class I really like, Public Speaking, is awesome. My professor is young and hilarious. I love her. She is always cracking jokes, and actually has a personality. Whereas my other teachers are weird and obviously abnormal individuals.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about this class at first, but I really do enjoy it and try to get a good grade in there.

Work is still interesting every day. I sometimes just have to sit back and laugh at my job. It’s enjoyable when Cindy’s around. Other than that, it’s awkward and irritating.

Right now there is really strange person sitting on the other side on the computers than me in the computer lab. He breathes really loud, and keeps laughing at the computer screen. He has a weirdly shaped face. I kind of want to punch him right now. He’s creepy.

Well, I have to go to class now. Public Speaking awaits. I will consistently post on my blog from here on out. I apologize to all of my lovely readers. Basically, I’m sorry Katelyn.

See you later everyone!

It’s Been A While

Alright, so I’ve been neglecting my blog lately. This weekend/ last week has been insane.

If you want to hear anything about my job, check out my work stories. If I do say so myself, they are pretty priceless.

Last week I did quite a bit more than my usual work, babysit, come home routine. I worked every day at the tire center, then I miraculously had enough energy to have a little fun each night.

I can’t remember what I did Monday anymore, so that doesn’t matter to me. But Tuesday my friend Katelyn and I went out to eat together, which was super fun because it’d been a long time since we’d seen one another.

Wednesday, I went to the dance thing. I already wrote about that though.

On Thursday, there is this huge Back to the Bricks thing that my parents invited me to go with them to. So after work, I went over to TJ Maxx because my brother’s ex-girlfriend said she always goes there and finds good deals on cute clothes.

I ended up spending an hour trying on like 15 different pieces only to really like and buy two articles of clothing. I’m actually wearing one of the shirts I bought there today. And I love it.

Then I met my parents at Bob Evans for dinner. Yes, I am 18 years old, and I hang out with my parents occasionally. I know it’s kind of embarrassing and unusual.

During this meal, my parents decided to bring up the topic of my upcoming tattoo. My best friend Katelyn, her little sister Kari, and myself are all getting tattoos together fairly soon. We’ve been talking about it for a while, and finally decided what to get, where to get it, and what day to go.

I was going to get a heart tattoo on the right side of my neck, but back a little bit. This way, you couldn’t be able to see it if my hair was down.

I thought that was an awesome plan; most people don’t get them there, and I could show it off if I wanted to, or I could hide it.

My mom disagreed 100%. She basically told me only girls who become strippers or work at Hooters get tattoos. And I’ll never be able to have a job or do anything successful in my life if I get a tattoo on my neck.

Thanks Mom.

So, I changed my mind after much discussion/argument with my ma and dad. Trust me, I was not a happy individual.

We went to the car cruise thing, and my mom whined the entire time while my dad and I made fun of each other. This is the general situation we create anytime we go anywhere together.

Then, after saying something to my mom that was undoubtedly sarcastic, she proceeded to hit me in the forehead with her bag or popcorn, in public. Awesome! She did this repeatedly anytime I came within three feet of her that entire night.

Friday night I went to the Genesee County Fair with my friends, Yasmine, Katie, and Shayne.

My parents think Shayne and I are twins. We look semi-similar. Like same color hair and almost the same eye color. Except her eyes are more of a green/ brown and mine are blue/grey. So, actually they don’t look very much alike at all.

We went to the fair and had a good time. I love all rides, no matter what. The Gravitron is probably one my top favorite rides of all time. And that was there, so it was definitely a win in my book.

Then Saturday and Sunday I had to babysit from 6am to 8pm both days. Let me repeat that, 14 hours each day, me and my one year old cousin.

Say goodbye to my weekend. The baby is actually incredibly cute and sweet almost always. So, it wasn’t too terrible. I love hanging out with her, because she does stuff like clap and laugh and I can’t get enough of it.

There’s more to my weekend than that, but I should really be working right now. So I might write about that more later today. There’s about a 75% chance that will happen.

Let’s Do This

Well, here my blog life starts. I suppose I’ll just write about my day, or week. Whatever comes into my mind really.

Today my cousin called me at 6:49am. I was very upset about this, my sleep is probably my number one priority at all times.

After I smashed the ignore button on my phone, I pleasantly went back to sleep for approximately 16 minutes. Then my phone alarm went off for the second time and I decided I better get my booty out of bed before I run out of time to fully get myself ready for work on top of cleaning the kitty litter, my weekly job that I always forget to do.

My diggity, Vanilla, ran over to see me as soon as I stepped out of my bedroom, which is pretty common. She loves me more than any other animal I’ve ever come in contact with.

So I cleaned the cat litter, jumped in the shower and got ready for work. I work at a tire center.

If you really knew me, this would seem like a complete joke. I’m not a total diva or anything. But the chances of me working in a dirty tire center is about as likely as it snowing in Texas. However, when a job is offered, who am I to turn it down?

I’m a secretary/ the store manager’s assistant regardless. So this week my boss, Suzy*, is on vacation. This translates into me working all week, rather than my usual two days a week. And I have to deal with all men. Most days it’s just me and Suzy in the office. I tell her everything, and she probably doesn’t care about the majority of it. However, she is incredibly generous and listens and laughs at my daily traumas.

But, this week is different. I have to work with this guy named Dan. He doesn’t quite understand my humor, and talks more than any other person I’ve met. Including myself. And I talk a lot, about everything.

After doing nothing but play on Facebook and listen to Pandora, I left work at about 4:55pm. When Suzy leaves, she assigns me a project to do that usually takes her a ton of time. And really, what else will I do there for 42.5 hours this week? So I am 85% done with sending out new credit applications to a ton of businesses. Tomorrow I’ll finish that probably, unless Dan disappears like he so often does.

I make a fool out of myself on a daily basis, and I’ve become quite acquainted with the feeling of embarrassment. I feel this personality trait is necessary for a job at a tire center. Constantly throughout the day I am answering calls and taking messages from people who’s names I rarely get right. Like today, a guy named Tim called twice and both times I swore he said his name was Ken.

Anyways, I’ll write more about those moments as they occur. Trust me, that is inevitable.

Then my cousin came over to show me, my mom, and my brother the pictures from her wedding all three of us were a part of. I was the maid of honor, my mom pinned the flowers on everyone and my brother was an usher. The pictures were awesome and so beautiful. But I kept looking for more pictures of me, and was disappointed to see there were mainly pictures of Jenny & Mark, the bride and groom.

After she left, I got ready to go to this goofy thing called a Blueberry Festival Dance. Basically the town over has this festival about blueberries every year, and there’s always a dance that week on Wednesday.

Needless to say, I showed everyone that my dance moves were not to be reckoned with. Me, my best friend Katelyn, and our two good friends, Yasmine and Katie all went. In my mind we rocked the dance floor and everyone wanted to be us, or at least by us. In reality, as soon as we stepped onto the dance floor, a ten foot circle around us on all sides appeared to block the rest of the teens there.

I danced crazier than I usually do, but high school is over and I won’t get the chance to physically embarrass myself for a good amount of time. At least until college starts. Then I’m sure I’ll find a way to show people my true colors.

Well, I’m exhausted and will write more probably while at work tomorrow.