ENGL 338

Prompt 3-What if anything is different in your appraisal of the play after watching (part of) the film adaptation?

I think the film adaptation of the play seems to move much more quickly than the written text. Many of the philosophical moments throughout the text are almost unnoticeable in the film. The actors are speeding through the lines and don’t allow the audience a second to ponder what exactly was said.

On the other hand, the action and business in the film appears much funnier than just reading it as the text. Just the bit alone with Pozzo and Lucky proves that. Their scene in the film was much easier to view than to read. I always prefer to see funny action played out rather than read. Readers have different senses of humor and sometimes don’t realize when a sarcastic remark is indeed sarcastic rather than serious.

All in all, I prefer reading the text in order to understand Beckett’s meaning behind the play. However, I prefer viewing the play to fully appreciate the humor involved in the text.


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