ENGL 205 – Central European Literature

Gombrowicz, or his character, aspires to be an artist; how do you reconcile that ambition with the book’s non-serious tone? Isn’t art supposed to be serious?

While I do agree that Joey is trying to become a respected artist, I feel like he would not rationally be a serious artist. He is stuck in immaturity and will not create art that could be considered mature. It would repulse him. He is far too embarrassed of his work to show to to anyone. He even goes so far as to think of physically hitting Pimko in order to prevent him from reading further into his novel. While the book proves to have a very satirical, non serious tone, I think Joey is desperate for seriousness. He is just stuck so deeply in immaturity to recognize his own wants and needs. I do not agree that art is necessarily supposed to be serious though. There are several forms of art, writing novels being just one of the many. I prefer art that is not serious because I can generally understand it better anyways. I am in no way an art fanatic. Mainly for the reason I just stated; I do not understand serious art. I can appreciate a drawing or caricature if it is simply or silly. However, if I have to look at an abstract Picasso painting, I will be lost for hours. Overall, although Joey does wants to be taken seriously as an artist, that will not happen because of his own insecurities and immaturity.


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