The Cherry Orchard

For those of you that routinely read my blog, feel free to skip over these posts. For one of my English class, ENGL 338-Modern Drama, we have to post responses to questions from class on a blog. I’ve decided just to make another page and do it on here rather than go through the trouble of trying to figure out a whole other blogging system. By all means, check out my newest Tune In Tuesday though! 🙂

Prompt One:

In what ways does Chekhov’s play resemble Ibsen’s?

Chekhov’s play is similar to Ibsen’s in two distinct ways. Primarily, the main characters, Hedda and Lyuba are both very foolish with their money. Hedda goes on a very expensive honeymoon with George that they cannot afford, simply because they wanted to at the time. She also is always prompting George to spend more money on her and their home. She complains about how the piano is too old, and they therefore ought to purchase a new one. Lyuba, while albeit generous, is giving away money she does not have. She knows the cherry orchard is not doing well, and yet she continues to just give away outrageous amounts of money.

Another way that these two plays are similar is the unnecessary characters. In Hedda Gabler, the maid is very pointless towards the play. She doesn’t really have a meaning, other than the one sentence per act. In the same way, Donyasha, Yasha, and Yephikodov are fairly useless characters. Yes, they do have their own little love triangle going on, but really, they are needed for the message of the play to get across to the reader.

Overall, these two plays are fairly similar. They both have main characters that needlessly spend money they do not have, and both plays have characters that aren’t wholly necessary to the plot line.


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