Hedda Gabler

For those of you that routinely read my blog, feel free to skip over these posts. For one of my English class, ENGL 338-Modern Drama, we have to post responses to questions from class on a blog. I’ve decided just to make another page and do it on here rather than go through the trouble of trying to figure out a whole other blogging system. By all means, check out my latest Life Lesson, or newest Tune In Tuesday though! 🙂

Prompt One:

Hedda Gabler is considered a modern play in the sense that presently we still deal with boredom and the sense of settling. Hedda was thoroughly bored with her life throughout the play. She married George Tesman, not out of true love, but because he was the most acceptable suitor at the time. It seemed as though Tesman and his aunts rather annoyed Hedda instead of her accepting them as her new family. She even claimed that Julie should be happy with Hedda referring to her as “Aunt” even if Hedda doesn’t act kind towards her. Hedda also “settles” for Tesman by marrying someone that doesn’t exactly thrill or entice her. If she would have chosen someone that she was really interested in, she probably would have ended up with Eilert Lovborg.

This play still speaks to us now because things can change at a moment’s notice. Just as Tesman was confident that the appointment or post for his book was 100% his. And before he knew it, he had competition with Lovborg. Mrs. Elvsted was pretty sure that she would end up with Lovborg, since they worked so closely together on their manuscript. Out of no where, Lovborg died. Therefore, Mrs. Elvsted had to re-group, rather quickly I thought, and offered her assistance to Tesman in completing Lovborg’s book.

All three of those aspects can be found in contemporary society; boredom, settling, and turns of events that we cannot foresee changing our lives around.

Changes would need to be made if a play was written similar to this one in contemporary society. First of all, technology would have to be included into the plot line. In addition, maybe the plot could change to reflect a politician’s life instead of an author’s life. Authors these days are not regarded as highly as they were back in the late 1800s. I would also suggest a change in climactic activity. Hedda Gabler was a slow moving play, in my opinion. If a similar play were written today, I would imagine there would be more intense action leading up to and following the climax.


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  1. Okay, I definitely didn’t read through all that ramble-jumble but I thought I’d just let you know how funny it is that your teacher is making you blog about this. So FUNNY! :p

  2. Dude, who calls that “ramble-jumble?” Hahhaha. And, yeah it’s a little different. But whatev man. I can adjust. 🙂

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