Life Lesson #7

So, I mentioned in my last LL#6 how my mom and I got into an argument. Well the outcome of that was my mom forcing me to do some yard work. In my opinion, I think gardening/working in the yard is: 1) a gigantic waste of time 2) a huge waste of money 3) a useless waste of energy since all of the dumb plants die anyways. Even the perennials sometimes freeze and die because of the crazy weather changes.

My dad even jokes all the time that when I grow up my backyard is going to be one huge slab of cement. I never was joking when we discussed that.

The point is though, that after 30 excruciating minutes of push mowing the dumb lawn (I’ll finish my rant in a minute), I ended up getting a cold that has lasted for two straight weeks, and is still running strong.

Life Lesson #7- Do NOT Do Yard Work

Push mowing is a 100% waste of time. I could have killed someone. We don’t have a gigantic yard or anything, probably 3/4 of an acre. So we generally mow the lawn with the riding lawn mower and then weed whack whatever we don’t get close enough to with the rider. Well, apparently, push mowing the lawn is necessary (read as: 100%, definitely UNnecessary) so I was “given” that outdoor chore to do.

After doing the bull crap, I started sneezing and coughing. My eyes are watering, and I’ve been having a scratchy throat off and on ever since I did that stupid chore.

Maybe you are not understanding me ( although I hope you can empathize a little) I did this August 21st. Today is September 7th. I have had this flipping annoying cold for 16 days. It is getting ridiculous. And I blame my allergies I apparently have to grass/the outdoors. So the point is, I implore you, do not do yard work. It is a waste of time, money, and energy and there is the potential that you could be sick for 16 days strong and never stop feeling like crap after that dumb yard work is over.


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  1. Haha..since I moved out of my parents house I have not done any yard work! I hate yard work. Could care less about having a garden. I have a black thumb anyway. Not sure why, though, b/c my parents love it. I hope it’s not something you grow to like as you get older, b/c it’s one past time I don’t want to have! ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope your cold goes away soon. That’s rough.

    • My mom has like 6 gardens around our house right now and I think it is just pure craziness. I can’t even handle the thought of having one when I grow up. I am 100% of board of the “Black Thumb” issue. And honestly, I could totally care less about having a yard when I grow up.
      Thanks though! I’m trying to take some vitamins and stuff to get rid of it, it’s just not working that well yet. I still have hope though!

  2. Oh my dear god. This is a hilarious one Kati! I would much rather do your mom’s form of yard work as opposed to my dad’s form but I can totally understand where you are coming from. I’ve never push mowed before but it does sound horrendous! You better start getting well soon. I don’t need to be getting sick ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Haha, dude I feel ya. I would not want to be doing any of that rock shoveling crap either. But, I’m trying to get better man! I know you and always get sick when I am and vice versa. I’ll keep drinking orange juice, sleeping, and having my dumb vitamins! ๐Ÿ™‚

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